Apr 7, 2010

A Piece of Me ... April 2010

This month...

I Like:
That I got to see my friend that moved to the coast and that I went to visit her and got to spend time by the sea again. I can't get enough of the sand and surf!

I Don't Like:
What emotions I'm going through regarding Gerhard. The endless studying and exercising I got myself into and not getting to spend enough time with my friends.

I want you to know:
That I have a bumpy ride ahead and I might just ramble more than usual. Or not ramble at all. Not that I care how you feel about it because at the end of the day I'm blogging for myself and no one else. I'd like to keep it that way. Your opinions are ALWAYS welcome and much appreciated though! =)

I've Planned:
To do a lot of different things this year. I truly hope I can get to do it.

I Want to Say to Someone Special: 'Come What May...'

Got this idea from Andhari (Insomniac Lolita). She got the idea from Krissy and The Toothfairy. I think I might make this a monthly thing. Hope I can hold myself to it though! =D If you know me you know how random I am. Let's see if it works. Link up to The Toothfairy and join in!

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