Apr 9, 2010

Memories: My Romantic Moment with My Best Friend (595)

Michael and I were very close right from the start. And although our friendship only lasted about 3 and a half years, nothing went wrong between us. There were never any fighting, screaming or lying to one another. There were never issues between us. The only only issues came from people outside of our little 'bubble of friendship'. For example other friends or significant others. My boyfriend's never accepted him, neither did his girlfriend's ever accept me. Understandably though, 'cause we were doing just about everything together. We shared so much. So many secrets, habits, ways of doing things and memories. Go figure.

During our friendship, Michael and I made sort of a pact to always drag each other along to things like weddings, funerals and certain parties. Especially when we're single. Obviously. One of these weddings he took me to as his date turned out to be a lot of fun for the both of us.

I had my hair done by a friend of mine for the wedding, and it was pinned up in curls and twists with SO many hair clips I could probably build a sturdy fort with it if I wanted to. I wore a sleek velvet nightgown as it was a rather fancy dress-code, with closed-up shoes and a shawl for a bit of warmth. Michael provided the rest of the warmth. As always. =D That night we were all over the place. The venue was gorgeous and every now and then we couldn't help but sneak out to explore. I think it had to do with all the romantic atmosphere going but... we could hardly keep our hands to ourselves. We were all over each other. Secretly, of course. No one needed to know. And it wasn't the first time it had happened either. We just had mutual respect and kept it to ourselves. And never when we were in relationships either!At the end of the night, we slept over at his nephew's home. A very elegant, old house. Very cold as well. We had a couple of drink with the family and friends and headed to bed together. Once we were alone in the room, which wasn't really a room at all, it was a landing, we got dressed in PJ's and I asked him to please help me with my million and one hair clips. I would never have found them all in my thick hair, alone.

He kindly obliged but asked that I sit still and let him get them all out. So I sat there, candle light flickering on our half-naked bodies (literally), in the half dark, patiently letting him take all my hair clips out. We hardly spoke a word to each other. He was so gentle. Almost loving. Being best friends with a guy, you tend to avoid the mushy stuff, believe me. But that night... I don't know what happened. It just felt surreal. Once he was done, he tousled out my hair and massaged my head for a while. To get the tension off, he said.

And as I turned around to face him, he looked down at me and whispered,
"Wow... I never noticed how beautiful you really are."

*Stars shooting*Flowers popping*Hair raising*Butterflies flying*Tummy turning*

I stared at him for a second and as if on cue, the both of us turned away from each other. He lit us both a cigarette and I poured us some Coke. No more. No less. It was never spoken of or mentioned. But... the way he looked at me from then on... Changed.


Jordan said...

I really like this post :)
very sweet!

Maryx said...

Aaww Thanks Jordan! =)