Apr 23, 2010

BAM Progress

I am just about studying myself silly. Our first module in the Business Administration Management short program is Marketing. It's VERY interesting. Which is a good thing, right? Our lecturer is amazing, his teaching skills are so good that it feels like I don't have to make any notes, and he even brings us notes that he makes from the handbook. Awesomeness! (Bear with me, it's my first after-school study experience).

I go to class every Saturday morning from 8am - 12am. We wrote a test during the second class already and I think I aced it. Well, mostly. I find the idea around marketing very interesting and so much broader than I expected. I find myself looking at everything (ads, businesses, marketing ventures) differently. I study myself silly, as I said. I sit at that dining room table (no desk in my room anymore) and read and write and read and write and try to figure out my assignment questions etc. . . But it STILL feels like I don't get to doing it fast enough. I don't have enough time in a day.

I WAS able to do a bit of studying at work while I was bored by my manager put a stop to it. Understandably I guess. But hey, why is it okay to sit around on the Internet when I'm bored and it's not okay to do something productive?! I don't get it!

My Marketing exam is the 3rd of May and my assignment and workbook has to be handed in tomorrow. I still have so much work to do! Eeeeeeekkk!!

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