Apr 22, 2010


Nothing is every impossible. I know things can be really, really hard to do... but I don't think it's impossible. Maybe some people are unable to do it but other people are more than able. Still makes it possible. I also think that any skill can be acquired. If you work hard enough and strive for what you want (if it IS what you want), you'll really, really be able to do it. But that's just what I believe. And I think it's a very good thing to believe in.

I want a model body... I know that I have to work hard and exercise hard and eat right and all that. But I don't. Well, not enough. But that doesn't make it impossible.
I want to be a graphic designer... I know I have to study to acquire the skills I need. I know that I need the money to study. I know that I need more time and more dedication to making time to study for the skills I need. I don't have all that. But it doesn't make it impossible.
I want to travel the world... I know I need the money and time for it. I don't have all that. But it doesn't make it impossible.

"I will never be good enough for you" - WHY are you so negative and skeptical?
"I will always be a failure" - If you believe it, you will live it.
"I will never get a better job" - DO something about it. Don't just accept it.
"I will never be happy again" - Don't count on it! You're just holding yourself away from the happiness you deserve.
"I will never love someone like/as much as I love you" - Oh get real?!
"I will never pass this test" - If you don't study, you're right, of course. It's your choice.
"I will never have a normal life" - Don't just sit there, Make it happen!

NEVER say Never. It's the same as saying Impossible.
It's not worth it. Same goes for the negative of course. You can't say you'll never do drugs, but still do nothing to keep yourself away from drugs. You can't say I'll never hit someone, because you don't know the limits of your own anger. You can't say I'll never cheat, lie, murder or any of the other the extremes, because you never know what the future may hold or what accidents may happen.
As scary as that sounds.. Reality is harsh.

As you may have noticed, I don't have a lot of patience with anything negative. I hate being negative. I might be negative on my blog sometimes, but this is my space to get it all out. So as not to take it out on the people in my life.. to even show it to the people in my life. I prefer to be the positive one. I make myself positive by making other people feel better and making them more positive. I keep my bad or sad feelings at bay through it all. I like it that way.

*Bright golden star for you for reading this far!*

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