Jan 13, 2010

Our New Addition

You remember THIS POST where I blatantly bragged about the wonderful cats in my life?? (Go read and you will.. HAHA!) Well of course those were only the cats I had pictures of, of course. I haven't told you about the others... Anyhow! Not what I'm getting at today!

You remember The Love of My Life - Mega...?

And Mogwai... My mom's cat. (Who passed away)?

Well now today I present to you - Matchka!
The newest addition to our little family. She's quirky and cheeky with an attitude to match. She doesn't stand back for anything and has a mouth bigger than you can even imagine. She just can't keep quiet!! Except when she's 'really busy' or sleeping of course =D Apparently Matchka means 'Cat' in Hungarian. Not sure. Not gonna look it up. It sounds nice and it's keeping with the 'M' theme in our family. I'm not complaining.

Of course Mega wasn't too impressed with this little sh!t invading his Kingdom, as you can imagine. And I was in deep trouble if I gave her attention and he knew about it. So I just left it. She's so definitely my mom's cat. Hehe! And I like it that way.

My Cat (Mega) is still the most Gorgeous one I would say! =D


Daffy said...

I like cats, as long as they belong to someone else.

By that standard - yours are beautiful!

Andhari said...

Of course Mega is the cutest but Matchka is also really cute too in completely different way. Maybe more like "fierce" than cute :D love the face, aristocratic..you know, in a cat way :p

Maryx said...

Daffy - Not a cat person? Haha! Shame! You don't know what you're missing! ... Thanx girl!

Andhari - Heehee! Well said thanx! =D

Jenn(ifer) said...

Aww... i love your new addition!! white cats are sooo spunky; look out!

Maryx said...

Jenn - She's got SUCH a damn attitude it's unbelievable! But at least she keeps MY cat young and busy! =D Thanx sweetie