Jan 19, 2010

Positivity vs Negativity

Why do people insist on being negative in life? What is it about wallowing in self-pity that is so intriguing for so many people? I don't get it. I don't get depression and suicide. I don't get feeling sorry for yourself. I don't get making your problems everyone else's or making mountains out of ant hills. I just don't get it.

I know I'm naive and don't know what's out there and what trauma's people can go through, because frankly, I've been blessed abundantly in my life. But don't think that I haven't also had my hardships. That I haven't also been 'traumatized' in my life. I have issues. I have problems. And I guess it would benefit me to see a psychiatrist or someone like that but I really don't want to. (And I blog right??) I suppress my problems and get over my own sh!t. Pandora's Box. I've mentioned it before. Works wonderfully by the way.

What is wrong with being positive for a change? Or at least all the time? Most of the time? I know everyone gets their dips and their emotional times etc etc but hey... look on the bright side... Today might be the worst day of your life, but tomorrow might be the best day EVER. You just have to get there. It doesn't help giving up. It doesn't change anything. It doesn't help sitting in a corner feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and GO! Make yourself heard. Make things happen. And don't think it's impossible or that you're not good enough. I also had those thoughts, only for a split second, but I had them... and I ignored them. I changed them.

It's not worth it. Believe me.
All you're doing is missing out on life. Missing out on what is out there. What you can do. What you can see. What you can experience and what you can learn. The world is amazing and the people out there are amazing. You just have to open your eyes. And not the eyes on your face necessarily. Your heart. Your mind. Your senses.

Lure positivity to you... Have you heard of that? That if you're negative and you stay negative... all the negativity will follow you and you will attract more and more bad things and bad luck. That's why I don't get why people actually ask "WHY?!" ... when they're the ones who lured it to them in the first place. No one else to blame.
I know there are a lot of good people out there that a lot of bad things happen to. I know a lot of people didn't go looking for it. And I know there are VERY bad things in this world. But why stare into those things like a brick wall? Things happen. People change. Situations develop. And you learn something out of all of it to become a better person.


Did I quote that right? Quite sure I did. Think about it.. if God throws you off a cliff. . . it's not all bad. It might look like it at the time and it might be terrifying or you might panic. But if you open your eyes and relax you'll realize that He gave you wings. You just have to open them up and fly. And if all else fails... He's standing at the bottom waiting to catch you.

It's never as bad as it seems.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Every rainbow has a pot of gold.

Just Believe

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