Jan 14, 2010

Times Erased

So many memories are hidden between

The sheets of my soul, the pages of

My life all crumpled up.

Times erased from my memory, times

Forgotten. Sometimes it’s a good thing,

You do it without realizing it, you push

It into that black hole somewhere.

Never to be returned again, except from

Lost segments of thought that takes you

Back there unintentionally.

Confusing you, confusing me.

Times erased, lost.

Good times, sad times.

Emotions and people, gone.

I hate it! I want to remember!

It’s as if a piece of me has gone into

That black hole, a piece that should have

Stayed whole but was torn apart a long

Time ago. Times gone by, erased.

Gone forever? I think not…

Date: 2005/01/12

Author: Maryke Pretorius

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