Jan 26, 2010

Oh, This Bittersweet Life - Marry Me, Baby

Kenna wrote this one a while ago. I completely share in her sentiments. I'm so happy Dear Readers. It's indescribable. He's the One. It's normal to just KNOW right? It happens, right? Through all the shit and the petty fights... I think I know. (Although the cynic in me refuses to believe and hope of course)


Baby I've got this crazy idea I just can't get out of my head.

You see I've had it for a while now, and something must be said.
You know I've thought about it quite a bit, and I just have to say,
I'll regret it for the rest of time, if I'm not your wife one day.
I know it sounds absurd, and I know I'm awfully young,
but what we've got is out of this world and I can't stop what has begun.
I have these visions in my head of growing old together,
and I promise I'll stay true to you no matter what the weather.
I think you are my perfect match I never thought I'd find,
April 21st there you were and how I wished that you were mine.
I couldn't bear to spend all my days without you by my side,
my life's a rollercoaster but I need you on the ride.
I promise I'll clean the house every day and cook dinner for you too,
I'll sing the kids to sleep and do all there is to do.
I'll make you smile when you frown, listen to what you have to say,
I'll be good just wait and see I'll prove myself one day.
I think Pablo and Sheleesia are a match that's made to be,
We'll be like Buzz and Woody if you do this one thing for me.
Make my dreams come true, you'll call me yours, I'll call you mine.
Just promise me forever, and for the rest of time.

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