Jan 13, 2010

My Humble Home. Or rather, part of it. =D

I was bored. So I played around with my nifty little Samsung cellphone and figured out (Yes, I'm a late learner) that my camera can take panoramic photo's. How cool is that?! HAHA!!

The view out my front door. I live in a town house complex. Looks strange in panoramic. But you get the idea. I hope.

(The bottom half of...) My bedroom in disarray quite a while ago.

(The top half of...) My bedroom in disarray quite a while ago.

A (very dark...) view of my living room and kitchen area. Also quite a while ago I might add. It looks completely different by now because my mother has ants in her pants about moving the place around every now and then. I hate it when she does that. I'm not a huge fan of change. Unless I make the change myself.

Anyhoodle... There you have you're useless bit of info for the day. But hey, does it really have to be interesting for you? Am I selfish? HAHA!! My blog My rules right?! =D LOL!!

Side Note:
Yes, I live with my Mom.
Yes, I love living with my mom.
It's always just been my mom and I, I don't have a Dad.
Have I mentioned that before?
Yes, my mom might just as well be my best friend.
Yes, I like it that way.

And yes... I have every intention of moving out and finding my own place. I have hit the "Nest Making" Stage of my life. Good or bad? Weird? Too young?

I don't know. Whatever.


Jenn(ifer) said...

neat post! thanks for sharing... I don't think I would ever do that, but great thought!

Mr. Condescending said...

Where is the gate to keep the elephants and lions out? :)

Maryx said...

Jenn - Share photo's of your home? Yeah, kinds weird. HAHA! Fun though.

Mr. C - Oh it's all around the complex you just won't see it. And we always have to check on the electric fencing and the closed gates as the wild dogs and lions love to sneak in... =D HeeHee!

Thanks for stopping by...

(BTW we have a lot more dangerous things to keep out in SA than elephants and lions.)

Daffy said...

Panoramic, huh...Mees thinks me should play with own phone...me maybe have too

Maryx said...

=D Go for it Daffy! Hehe!