Jan 14, 2010

DON'T Lie to Me

Bad idea. Very bad idea. I'm like a blood hound and I don't even do it on purpose. I don't know what it is about lying... but you just can't lie to me. Well unless you're really good of course. I won't say it's impossible. It's just that... I always figure it out. It's not like I go looking for the truth because I think you lied to me, the truth just happens to fall into my lap and then I realize that ... 'Hey, that's not what you told me.'

Why do people lie? To protect other people? To hide their dirty little secrets? To make a situation seem less... hard? Less painful? Less... anything?
Face it, everybody lies. Everybody lies about something. But it's the big things that matter most. The big things that hurt most. And what most people don't understand is that... it's harder on a person to find out the truth at a later stage, than them knowing as soon as possible, dealing with it, maybe being pissed for an hour or two, and then working through it and getting over it. Most people don't realize that it hurts so much more to find out later. To find out that that person has been lying to you for ages now. Has been hiding something for you. That you've (possibly) been making a fool of yourself all this time or that you are so damn naive.

Why not just be honest? What are you scared of?

Okay Okay I know there are millions of reasons for lying. Like you don't want to get into trouble for example. But those lies vary from white lies to full on This-could-destroy-our-lives-if-you-find-out lies. I know we are all just human. But ... why do we hurt each other like this? All the time? Over and over again?

Don't worry, nothing is wrong with me and my relationship at the moment. Anymore. I'm just ranting and rambling again. About something that matter to me a lot of course.

What about you?


Daffy said...

Very little gets to me more than someone who lies to me.

ESPECIALLY for no damn reason.

Good rant today

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I'm the same way. Lies drive me, I'd say crazy, but it goes beyond that, it's like a turn into a physco path on revenge, ya know. I'm horrible when dealing with a liar.

Love this rant today!!

Maryx said...

Daffy - Thanks. So True!

Hillbilly - I'm SO with you on the psychopath on revenge. I'm terrible. Or no... it's a good thing I suppose! =D Thanx!

Indrayani said...

I am with the others when I say this!!
I loved this piece!

kys said...

I hate to be lied to. But I think everyone does it. Ugh.

Maryx said...

Indi - Thanks! I get my moments... Hehe!

Kys - Yes... Urgh!