Aug 10, 2009

The Cats in My Life

This is my mom's cat - Mogwai. Have you ever seen the movie 'Gremlins'? You remember the little fuzzy gremlin before it got into contact with water and turned all gross-green-gremlin-ish? Well that little fuzzy gremlins name was Mogwai. So there, she looks like a little fuzzy gremlin. But we love her and she's gorgeous.

This one is called 'Ogies'. WAS called Ogies. Ogies means 'Little cute eyes' in Afrikaans. I got her one new years eve. We kept her, between the boyfriend at that time and me, for about a week or so. Thing is I couldn't keep her because our complex only allows 2 animals per townhouse. And we already have 2 cats. We can't exactly stand the thought of having one of the cats being taken away because we're not allowed 3. So yeah, she had to get taken to the pet shop to find a new home. Apparently she didn't stay there long though, so that's a relief. But obviously!! Who could resist that little face?! It broke our hearts that we couldn't keep her. But yeah anyway so she's gone but still precious.

This is Mega. The love of my life. The name behind the blog. The center of my world. I don't know what I'd do without this cat in my life. I've had him for about 9 years now and I cannot live without him. I'll post more photo's. Promise. Better photo's. Even if you readers don't give a shit. I do. I guess you know how I feel if you've got a pet that's so close to you. Mega and I share everything. Even food. I cannot eat without sharing with him. He doesn't really let me. We snuggle up together at night. Believe me you don't need a heater, warm blanket or warm water bottle near your bed with him cuddled up in your arms. BACK OFF I don't share!! LOL!! I talk to him all the time. Quite animatedly. He must think I'm nuts. You must think I'm nuts. Hey, it's been proven that ppl and pets are closer if the person talks to the animal, not shouts, talks. I believe it's true. I believe in showering him with love. That's how it should be. Okay I'm going on and on about Mega right now but I don't give a rat's ass. Oh another thing (YES), if I could turn my cat into a human man, he'd be perfect. For me. But I won't go into that. Well not now though.

These aren't my cats. Never was. Never will be. This was my neighbours' cats. They moved. After they got rid of the cats. Gave them to family members. Guess why... Because the cats were never home. It's like they didn't have pets. They 'lived' at our house. They ate at our house. They slept at our house. Their owners had two little boys. I think that's why they left home so often. I saw these little boys playing quite roughly with these cats. I guess they just had to escape. But that's just my opinion. We named the dark one Trifle, bc of all her different colours. She's extremely lovable and loves to be held. You could hold her in your arms like a baby scratching her tummy and she'd be in heaven. We called the ginger cat Baby. Yeah,the imagination we have! Still don't know what their real names were, but they sure as hell responded to the names we gave them. Oh well.

This is Yuki. The newest addition to my heart. She only has 3 toes on each front paw. We think her mother mated with a wild cat or something. Her one brother was born without a tail. Her older sister, from the previous batch of kittens, also has 3 toes on each front paw. This little beauty was taken home by one of my friends and her boyfriend. From my friend on the farm. So I'll get to see her often. Whoopie!
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Mr. Condescending said...

I love brunettes.

Mega8815 said...

You're so random.

desi said...

such beautifull kitties!!! i looooove cats!! :D

Mega8815 said...

Thaaaannnnxxxx Des!!
I'm SO glad I found another cat lover around these parts!

peewee said...

I LOVE CATS!!! I just happen to have 2 dogs who don't. But I wonder what would happen if I just GOT one? They'd have to deal someday, right?!

ANd I totally get the "can't live without them" thing. EVen on the days I want come home to shredded pillows and chewed shoes.

Mega8815 said...

It is SO rewarding! And if you do it right you can get the dogs and the new addition to be great friends. I love dogs but I'm partial to the big dogs rather than the little ones. They tend to not fcuk up as much.

I still think cats read 'SUCKER' on my forehead!!

The Demigoddess said...

I don't like cats but there are two cats I like (well, online cats). I like Lilu's Axe Murderer and your cat, Mega.

Mega8815 said...

I'm so glad!! =)
Too bad you're not a cat person though. HEHE! I have an Indian friend, more like a sister to me, who is SH!T scared of cats. It's quite hilarious actually!