Jul 30, 2011

Thought Question #196

I have so many, that I have shared a lot of on this blog... how could I know which came first?  I have memories of things I did and things I saw, of things I head and things I felt.  I remember when I was really little, I sneakily watched the Adams Family on the staircase while I was supposed to be in bed, and that I had nightmares for a week about the "the hand" chasing me everywhere.  I remember a guard at our army house in Waterkloof trying to teach me how to swim without those little inflatable 'wings' I had.  I remember walks with my great-grandmother along the shore, going to the cafe to buy Caramello Bears, I remember walking with her in gardens, looking at flowers and listening to her stories.  I remember spending time on the beach with my mom, and my family.  I remember swimming in the 'big sea' with my grandfather, he was so strong he never let me go.  I remember making jokes with my mom and going places with her.  I remember my grandmothers cooking and the millions of things she did for me, too.

There's a lot I remember, I can't really place the earliest ones.

What about you??

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Mr. Condescending said...

i try emailing you and you never get it :(