Jul 23, 2011

Thought Question #188

People who are rude.  People who undermine and underestimate me.  People who can’t follow the rules of the road, or who can’t drive in general.  People who are generally mean, judgmental and/or degrading to other people.  People who lie.  Lies in general.  People who cheat, steal, rape, murder, etc, and of course the deeds there of.  People who don’t appreciate the small things or the people in their lives.

Why?  Because I have morals and standards, because I have hope and love, and because I can’t imagine doing any of those things myself, and when I do, I hate myself for it.

What about you?


michael said...

It's strange. I haven't been angry for years now. I choose not to be.

Other people think it's strange, too.

I wonder why...

Maryx said...

I think it's wonderful.. and it spares you so much grief! =)