Jul 7, 2011

Around the World in Many Chats

I just discovered OMEGLE.  Some of you might say "What?!  Only now?!".  Some might say, "What's that?".  And others might say "That's old news already".  Well, I guess I'm old news.  I don't stay up to date with stuff like that.  But this Omegle has caught my attention.  There are so many young people hanging around there, it's amazing.  I've met some interesting people and had some interesting conversations.  What?  =)  It's something to do when work is really, really quiet.  Apart from the millions of others stuff I do, ya know.

I've spoken to people from across the world and it's been great, but honestly?  Do you have any idea how many horny teenagers hang around on Omegle?  Especially girls!  As soon as I say the usual "ASL" thing, and they find out I'm a girl, they simply say "same", and ends the conversation.  I ask another girl about it, she's 15, and she says yeah they're just looking for online sex chats and stuff like that.  It's ridiculous!!  Have you no self-respect?!

Well, I guess if nobody knows who you are, you can get away with it huh?  Still doesn't make it okay.  It's disgusting.  But hey, that goes for guys too.  Some guy started calling me 'his baby' in the 2nd sentence and carried on about sexual stuff and wanting to see me, I seemed to have floored him completely when I went on about him being my mother and me being his baby and how amazing it is that he knew it was me over an online sight and why'd he put me up for adoption, etc.  It was so funny!!  Not for him, I'm guessing.

I had a chat with an American-hating muslim in Islamabad, chatting on Omegle from his donkey, or so he says, and he got to talking about Osama Bin Laden and how good he was for their economy and how everything's going to crap now that he's gone and how the hell the Americans could 'bury' him at sea, etc.  Crazy!  Oh and he didn't believe that I'm from South Africa.  Asked me to prove it by naming a famous South African drummer.  Really now?!  I'm not into music, that much.  I don't know these things.  Well, apparently there's someone called Cobus Potgieter, who's a really famous drummer from SA... go figure, right?  They say you learn something new every day.  I'll be sure to check him out sometime, kthanks.

I spoke to a very nice guy asking me how he can get the girl he likes, we chatted for quite some time and he mailed me afterward.  Seems like it's going great!  Another guy from the UK also seems really nice, will talk to him on Skype sometime.  I got disconnected from a really nice girl in Idaho, Jessika (15), that I really enjoyed talking to, as well.

So, what do you guys think about online chatting on sites like Omegle?


michael said...

Oh dear. Omegle certainly can be... Well, interesting.

I've talked with a few strangepeople on the site as well. Got to know a few, and I did have a few late nights of intense Disney-movie debate, swooning over shoegaze bands, and serious talks about eating disorders. But yeah, the anonymity does disinhibit a few people...

Maryx said...

Hahahahahaha!! Sounds interesting! =)