Jul 11, 2011

Thought Question #179

But I have so many…

My Natal Holiday in 2010.  The Soccer World Cup vibe in South Africa, also in 2010.  The good times I spent with Gerhard, as well as the silly times and funny times, the romantic times and comfy times.  The good times I spent with Maritz, as well.  The times spent with friends, like having fun on the farm, going to theme parks and going for walks and braai’s at the beautiful nature reserves in our area.  Our Pajama Jam New Years Party 2009/2010.  The various Lasagna Dinners we had at my house, cooking, talking, laughing and playing board games together.  The cakes and cupcakes I baked for friends and the fiasco’s surrounding them.  The cuddling and laughing late at night.

I have so many fond memories.  And I love that!!

What are your fondest memories from the past 3 years?

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