Jul 3, 2011

Thought Question #171

I would probably have to say the times I’ve been in car accidents.  I swear I’m the local joke between my friends.  I’m a high accident potential.  Sh!t happens TO me, it’s not like I cause it myself.
My first car was written off by a drunk driver, it was absolutely terrifying.  I remember every moment of it.  My second car I got into a bumper basher that wasn’t my fault, and then it got stolen.  My third car, the one I still own, thank goodness, has had problem after problem, after problem.  Not to mention a bumper basher as well, again, not my fault.  One time, the car decided to drive off and speed up, with me in it.  I wasn’t able to slow it down or do much of anything with it, except to steer it in the safest direction, until I finally had the right mind to pull the keys out of the ignition.

Yours, if you care to share?

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