Feb 24, 2011

Hello Butterflies... Welcome Back

I met him over 8 years ago.  We went to school together.  He was the cute blonde guy in school.  Not popular.  Not an outcast.  Just there, like me.  He left his then-girlfriend to pursue me.  We started hanging out and soon spent a lot of time together.  Memories were made.  Chemistry was shaped.  Smiles and laughter was shared.

And then he moved.

We haven't spoken in about 8 years.  Until he found me on... yes you guessed it - Facebook.  We started commenting on each other's things.  I found that he was browsing my photo gallery.  He wanted to see me... when he came back.  He still lived 5 hours away, but is planning on moving back.  Soon.

Two nights ago he showed up at my front door.

Last night, he took me to see his family, who were asking about me.  Last night, he kissed me.  Again.  Last night, he told me that he felt the same way.

I don't know where this is going.  Where it might go or not.  I just really like this feeling.  These butterflies... it's like they're healing me from the inside.  It's like they are soothing me.  Giving me back my hope.  Giving me back my strength.

Wish me luck...


michael said...

Best of luck to you, Markye. :)

Jordan said...

So cute! Good luck with the blossoming of a new relationship!