Sep 3, 2009

Wild Rock

This poem is regarding my horse. Yes I had a horse. A long time ago. His name was Wild Rock. He was my apple baby. He used to be wild. I tamed him myself. With help from my trainer of course. Okay, I tried. He never WAS tame in the end... Wild Rock was poisoned in the end. With 162 other horses.

I look into his eyes, surmise. He

summons me closer to him with a kind

of longing in his stare. As I step closer,

I expect my heart to be racing – either

With fear or excitement – but it’s not.

I’m as calm as a summer’s breeze.

Walking slowly, I reach out my hand

and I touch him. I feel his muscles

relaxing under my hand. He’s at peace

with my presence. Suddenly he

nudges me, softly at first, to touch and

caress him. Then he turns persistent,

pulling on the reigns I’m holding in my


I give him his apple and silently slip it

over his head and fasten the buckle.

Quickly, and without hesitation, I get on

his bare back. He doesn’t fight me, but

helps me to get on by bowing low. Is

this for real?

As the first person in ages to come

close to this ‘wild creature’, I have an

audience of onlookers. Standing still,

finding our feet together, I talk to him

softly. Slowly, he starts walking, then

trotting, and as one, we gallop away,

leaving everyone and everything


We understand each others wild streak

and calmness. And finally – we’re

together again.

Author: Maryke Pretorius


Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

This is beautiful!!
I am at a loss of words!!

I love animals too ..and horses are just BEAUTIFUL..
Why was yours poisoned.. ?
hurts to even know that...

A human kind of human said...

Pragtig. Het jy dit self geskryf. Ek is nie goed met gedigte verstaan nie, maar met hierdie een het my hartklop 'n fraksie van 'n sekond versnel. Ek was daar en het jou en jou perd dopgehou en gedeel in julle gevoelens en gewaarwordings. Baie dankie.

Mega8815 said...

@Indi - Oh thanx. Yeah I was able to write stuff like this back then. Now it feels like I don't have the words to express 'me' anymore. We're not sure why the horses was poisoned though, there were so many dead that next morning. We think someone wanted to destroy them in some way. But then why make innocent animals suffer right?!

@Human - Dis darem maar leke om nog 'n Suid Afrikaner so tussen deur op te spoor in die blog wêreld... Ja ek't dit self geskryf, toe ek nog kon skryf. Wel, probeer het. HAHA! Dankie man! Ek's bly jy't dit geniet...