Sep 2, 2009

Fashion Temperature

My outstanding friend, Rita, from primary school (Can you believe it?!) has just started a blog... Fashion Temperature... hear what she has to say about it:

I'm a fashion student in South Africa. I'm required to do this blog as an assignment for one of my subjects at school. I've written stuff since I was a little girl, but never considered blogging. I'm kinda still trying to figure out what the use of it is, to be honest. But its been a good experience so far!

So please go and help her out and comment on a couple of her things... maybe we can encourage her to become a permanent blogger... ?! I do hope so. We've been sharing a writing things for years, her and I. We even had this book that we'd share, and whoever had it would stick random pictures in it, write in, whether it be for each other or just to write.

Aaahhhh... the goold 'ole days...

But yeah I just thought I'd send her some bloggy lurve by doing a post for her and showing her some support. She's serious about fashion and the 'Going Green' theme of the world. Rather an interesting combination. (And believe me you learn something new everyday... Well okay, I do.)


Hillbilly Duhn said...

It's kinda like the sisterhood of the traveling pants only there is only two of you and the pants is a book. lol I think that rocks.

I'll go and check her out!

Mega8815 said...

Aaaahhhh thanx girl !!!!

REALLY appreciate it! And yeah.. the book WAS something like that... now you just gave me an idea...