Sep 30, 2009

Sun, Sea & Harley Davidson's

My mini holiday away was absolutely awesome. Some may not agree but I enjoyed it and my partner in crime enjoyed it and that's all that matters, right? Teehee!! So there we were sitting at my house with a huge glass of wine on Tuesday night (22 Sept) thinking of going on a road trip and not knowing where the hell to go. We're broke as sh!t and payday is a week away but we have petrol through my petrol card (I always make sure I have enough petrol money in the card and it's a stand-alone garage card - no going through a credit card or anything - which I don't have by the way. =D).

ANYWAY! So we contemplated Potchefstroom, Middelburg, Cape Town and my friends farm.
Boring. Finally, with our head set on the seaside, we (read: ME) decided on Richards Bay in Kwazulu-Natal. Google it if you want. I don't care. It's a seaside town close to Durban. I grew up in Durban. I couldn't wait!!

So Wednesday night we packed our bags, got our sh!t together and assured the parents we'd be fine. (It's the "partner in crime's" first week with a license. Therefore she hasn't been driving very long and now I'm taking her on a 800km drive to the coast. You can imagine.) We left Thursday morning at the crack of dawn, but first made a pitstop at her friends' house for coffee. Although we were bargaining on breakfast at least. Oh well. We left there around 8am and hit the long road 'home'. Well for me at least. Heehee!

We made a couple of pitstops, had brunch at a roadside Wimpy and checked out Howick Waterfall (Lovely btw)... At least we had a GPS with us so the navigation went well... enough. As we get to Richardsbay, at 5h30 PM might I add, the GPS tells u
s to turn left at some point, so naturally, we turned left. I mean we've put in the address we need to go to and everything. We stayed over at a friend of mine for the weekend, I hadn't seen her for 2 years. She's my age with 2 kids. Great. So we turn left... and realize that we're f$%^ing off into the BUSH! NOT where we want to go I can assure you that. We drive a kilometre or so thinking maybe she lives in a farmstyle house... ya never know! But alas... no. We started freaking out with the blue ball monkeys staring at us and the strange ppl walking around so we just turned right around and headed back to the main road where the GPS had to recalculate itself. See the worry in my eye. It got us there eventually, thank goodness.

Turns out we headed into the
now crocodile farm, it used to be a short cut to the area where the friend lived. Fantastic. *Sorry Ma'm but your daughter was eaten out of the car by a crocodile while at the ocean on holiday.* Oops.

Thursday we relaxed a bit but couldn't sit still for long so we headed into town, GPS at hand, to check out the local pubs/clubs. We drove past a couple just to come to the conclusion that it looks dodgy and 3 girls going in there alone might not be such a good idea. So we ended up at Dros (well known restaurant) for a drink and a plate of chips to share and headed back home for some rest.

Friday, the friend (the one we stayed with - Arista) took us shopping. But who wants to go shopping when the beach is a kilometre away?! We didn't stay long in the shops but I g
ot a cute pair of sneakers and some slops, as I didn't have any decent ones anymore. And I was at the beach for petesakes! =D We dropped Arista off at home since she had a migraine to sleep off and headed for the beach. Not the best beach in the world to be honest... but it was nice.

We didn't stay long though. We drove off and went to check out the next beach, Pelican Island, not far from there, and from there we went to the harbor... drove around a bit and came across Kiss Tattoos and Piercings. Of course we had to stop.

At Kiss Tattoos and Piercings we met a couple of people and had a couple of drinks and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, strange enough. I sat down that same day for touch-ups on my tattoo. I'll take a picture to post. Looks better than it used to. Not that most of you know what it used to look like... haha! My partner in crime,
Pixie, was first set on getting a tongue ring and getting me a nose ring but so many ppl have said to me that a nose ring won't suit me... So no... I don't think so.

By Saturday she wanted a tattoo but couldn't decide what. And I'm sorry, you shouldn't get a permanent tattoo if you don't know what you want. It's going to be on your body the rest of your life. It should
mean something. Really mean something. Or is that just me?

Anyway, this is such a long post but I guess it's more for me than you. Hehe! Sorry.

Friday night we went to the Zululand Expo in Richardsbay. Huge showgrounds. Lots of stalls. Lots of Hong Kong Sh!tties for sale. Lots of beautiful arts and crafts and products for sale. Fun rides to go on and some live music on a big stage. But the one thing that can go wrong will go wrong - the weather was rainy and cold. Urgh! It was f
un, though we were so tired when we got home eventually. Slept like babies... (What a k@k statement btw).

Saturday we went back to the harbor and met some more random ppl with the nicest bikes... some took us for short rides. I love meeting new ppl. I love being so random. (And the tattoo artist, Mervin, turned out to be rather cute. There's something to him that we liked.) That night we babysat the kids for a while then went to the Hippo Rally in Richardsbay where we met up with Mervin and just sat chatting and drinking by the poolside. Later we went to the beach a bit and eventually home at around 3am. We got up at just before 7am to head back home. Unfortunately. Urgh! =(

So there... mini recap of my road trip weekend. I enjoyed it and I relaxed a bit. I truly, madly... deeply... hehe... needed it. I feel better. Revived. But also sad. In a whole different way. But that's another post altogether. Soon...


Jenn(ifer) said...

Glad you had a great time.
Sometimes all we need is a little rejuvination to get back our mojo

Mega8815 said...

Totally right there!
Would've loved to do the road trip to your side of the world though... but my car doesn't have wings... yet! =D

ladytruth said...

The last time my family and I went on holiday to Richards Bay we all ended up with diahree. An unforgettable holiday for sure ;)


my favorite line

*Sorry Ma'm but your daughter was eaten out of the car by a crocodile while at the ocean on holiday.*


found you from my friend hillbilly duhn and am now following

Mega8815 said...

@Ladytruth - Oh Sh!t. Literally. Shame. Where did you eat??

@Crib - Welcome! I l.o.v.e Hillbilly Duhn. So glad you found me and hope you enjoy your stay... hehe! Yeah that would've been funny huh... Urm... maybe not... haha! I do try.