Nov 11, 2009

Would You Care?

I had a dream once. About my First Love. Long after we broke up. I tried to put that dream into words... Into poetry... It didn't quite work but hey I tried. I saw his house so vividly in my dream. I saw, heard, smelled and felt everything as if I was right there. Creepy right? Yes, creepy... and shocking... and hurtful. I hated that dream.

Open the door just one more time
Open the door and you will find
That I'm standing outside, shivering in
The cold, waiting for you.
Waiting for one more night, waiting
For one more time, with you.
And love, would you mind?
And love, would you care?
If I went into your room,
When you weren't there?

I sit on the bed, where I once slept
In your arms. I lie my head on the
Soft pillow, with a tear in my eye.
Even though I promised myself I
Wouldn't cry. On the corner of your
Desk stands a photo all alone, it's
The only thing different in your room.
Because it's a photo of you and that girl.
'Together Forever' it says.
It's the frame I gave you...
How could you?

Love, would you care?
If I stepped into the shower we
Always used to share?
No way... You're home!
I pull the curtain shut and stand
As still as ever. You're not alone.
I see a figure moving closer,
Getting undressed - It's not you!!

What do I do...?!

(January 19, 2005)
Author: Maryke Pretorius


ScarletTd1ar1es said...

mary, ur poems are absolutely brilliant.

kys said...

You're so talented.

Andhari said...

That's straight out of a romantic movie, I could imagine the scenes in my head. Nice poem!:)