Nov 17, 2009

Dear Dad

Clearly, I was bitter. I found this on my laptop. Hidden.
You have to understand something here... I don't have a dad. Never have. Never will. Don't give a sh!t anymore. Yes. Anymore. I DID give a sh!t at one point. It's normal. It blew over. (After some counselling. Admittedly. But it's over nonetheless.) I was angry. I was going through a lot of sh!t at that point in time. And I lashed out at the non-existent dad. HAHA!! Yeah... I'm awesome like that. But anyway, that's a whole different post right there. Enjoy. I think. =D

Dear dad, why'd you do it?
Dear Dad, why'd you go?
Why'd you have to go and leave us?
Why'd you never let me know?
You never wanted to know me, you didn't want
me to exist. You let my mom go, you dropped
us like an old rag. Don't you love us? Did you ever?
No, you're useless! You're a fraud! You're just a load of shit
sent to give me life! No way, you screwed it up dad!
My life is anyway a mess!
I hope you burn in HELL, Dear Dad!!

Author: Maryke Pretorius


Simon said...

There’s not a lot I can say to that, other than to say mothers are a lot more important than fathers. Even where families remain intact, fathers often play little part in their children’s lives. We men are typically not very good at that sort of thing.

Maryx said...

Yeah. You're right. Strange though.