Nov 11, 2009

Only Friends

I used to have a best friend. I'll call him 595. I'll tell you why later. We used to be so close. We used to do everything together. We knew each others ins and outs, each others families and hobbies, work and feelings, habits and ways. We were tight. He had his girlfriends and I had my boyfriends. But that never changed anything between us. And if our 'other halves' would complain about the friendship we had - They'd be kicked out the door. As easy as that. One day, the inevitable happened... (Think for yourself please)

But it didn't change anything. Our friendship went on as normal and neither one of us spoke about it. Our friendship grew more intense. But it was okay. I guess. I think we both understood that we couldn't risk screwing up what we had.

Eventually, times changed and things happened. We grew up and we grew apart. He fell in love and I fell in love. Separately of course. And we let our own lives take over. Why does that happen to people?

We're only friends, must we really be?
We're only friends, but also more than that.
He knows me so well, it's impossible to tell
Anybody how I feel. Confused and unsure? Yes.
He's like a brother sometimes, other times he seems
Almost Boyfriend-like, anyone will agree he makes a
Good lover, but we're still only friends!

He's playful and funny, and so silly sometimes.
He can make me feel better when I'm
Having a bad day, he jokes around a lot.
He irritates me, embarrasses me! Can you believe that?
I tease him a lot, he can laugh at himself.
What am I going to do? We're still only friends!

I know him too well to give my heart away.
He's playing with my feeling, but do I care?
He's nice to be with, day in and day out.
Will he ever be mine, or will we always be only friends?
Why is he driving me crazy like this? I never show
My feelings in front of him, except when we're alone...


(June 17, 2005)
Author: Maryke Pretorius


Complicated Kitten said...

Sometimes friends make the best lovers, although like you mentioned it can also tear about the relationship. I always thought though that a good mate/partner should be both?

Nice poem :-)

Maryx said...

I thought so too sweetie... apparently not in every situation.

Thanx so much =D

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

maryx. :)
sometimes some things are so perfect that even the slightest of things can break them and the largest of things can merely shake them.
and yes, love has more meanings than any of us can imagine.

ps: the word is attachment. don lose that guy as a frnd. :)

Andhari said...

I think it;s tricky with best friends. But relationships dont always have to ruin friendships and if you're sure about it, why not dive right in? Why not admit and let it out in the open? Whatever the results will be, I'm convinced friendship conquers all.

Maryx said...

Scarlet - I've already lost him... But I just found him on FB again. Whoop Whoop. Relationships got in the way of our friendship back then. But maybe we can get it back... Ya never know! =D

Andhari - We'll see... Thanks for the tip.

kys said...

Sounds tricky. I agree with Complicated Kitten. It is very important to be friends with your guy. Especially in a long term relationship. Take it from this old lady, the hormone-fueled passion will fade and there has to be something else to keep you together.

prashant said...

it can also tear about the relationship.

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Maryx said...

Prashant - Thanx for stopping by... so true unfortunately! =(