Nov 11, 2009

Him - 2005/06/17

I wrote this in school. When I STILL couldn't get over my first love...

As they say - "Every girl has that guy, that she'll never get ove
r. That ONE that makes you laugh, you never get sick of talking/hearing about, gives you butterflies, has his name written all over your heart, who you compare to everyone, and cry over & over about. That ONE that no one understands 'Why Him?' and who everyone thinks you can do better without but that in some way ends up not being yours."

We dated a very long time ago. I've forgotten so much about him but not how he made me feel and the special memories we made together. Strange, after all these years... I've forgotten other boyfriends and the memories I had with them, how they made me feel, but not him... That's just how it goes with a first love I guess... Do you, my dear followers, also have one of those? Do share please?

It's him I see, staring so silently at me
In my dreams, through the clouds, he smiles

It's him I want, it's him I need

Those eyes, they look right through me

He sees into my soul, he grips my heart...

But he's no more than a dream, a memory

A fantasy that will never again materialize, not for me

I feel his arms around me, his gentle fingers caressing me
I feel his sugar sweet kisses in my neck,

His breath in my ear, his sexy voice...

It's him I want, in the late of the night

It's him I need in the early morning hours

It's him I want next to me, holding me

To wake up every morning in his arms, knowing that everything is

perfect, everything is right. He's mine...

But in reality I'm lost. He is lost.

What is he's in another girl's arms right now?
Does he ever think of me? Or am I just a face in the crowd?

So many questions, so little time.

Why can't I just forget about him?


(June 17, 2005)
Author: Maryke Pretorius

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