Oct 30, 2009

I need this calm... (And a Ramble)

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I feel so damn overwhelmed lately!
So I do apologize for not being on my blog for a while... There is so much happening in my life. So many adventures really. And so much shit at the same time. I don't really know where to start. What do I say? Where do I hit ground eventually? Okay maybe I don't wanna hit ground. Maybe I like this roller coaster I'm on. It's fun. It's amusing. It's entertaining. I keep myself busy ALL the time. And for some odd reason, I can't sit still lately. Or rather, I don't get the chance. And when I do, I end up phoning someone to come over or find some place to go, somewhere to go or something to do. Is that normal? Am I running away from something? Am I avoiding myself? I don't know anymore...

For example tonight... here I thought I was just going to avoid everyone and get in bed early with my cat. But no, suddenly I have a full night. Well, in my terms at least. Won't be such a late night I guess. I'm going home and a friend is coming over for a glass of wine and to cut my hair for me. I'm thinking of cutting it into a new style but I'm growing my hair. And it has actually reached a long length. Maybe just thin in out and shape it a bit more. As long as the fringe grows out. I hate it. Now. When she's done with me I have to go to Warrior Sports. Where I'm starting my Muaythai classes again. I'm just going to go and pay my fees so long.

Then... after that...
I'm going to Leigh.
I can't believe it.
Why The Fcuk am I so nice?!
Why am I going to visit?

I'm hopeless. I know. It's just... I miss her. I miss them. She's my 'Christina' (REF to Grey's Anatomy). She's my Person. Okay Okay. She was. Now she knows nothing about me. About the last 3 weeks of my life. The part that Random Pixie knows everything about. Now she's my person. Is that normal? Is that okay? I'm hopeless.

Tomorrow I'm starting with Muaythai. I can't wait!! I'm SO excited. Plans are bound to form around my classes. I just know it. If not, awesome! I think my bed has forgotten the shape of my body. And my cat is slightly pissed off at me. Normal though. I don't see him for a day or two and I have to lick HIS arse for some TLC. What's up with that??

I had another awesome weekend. They are following up on each other. I like that. Friday night we partied at a friend's boarding house with all the single people. And I fell. Yes you read that right. Without being drunk, I fell. I bought a piece of land with my body. (That sounds perverted) Great.

I tripped over a server box by the bar (WTF it was doing there in the first place I don't know) as I heading for the 'dance floor' to join the crowd. Not a big crowd I might add. All close friends or next to close friends I might add. . . So I fell down face first... or rather chin first. Hit my chin pretty hard. It's still swollen. Lost some skin on my arm. Ended up with 2 blue marks on my legs and almost dislocated my damn shoulder. Nice. Elegant. Whoohoo! That's just me.

Saturday I went to the shops with a guy... and he spoiled me... And I haven't even posted about him yet... OOPS. Oh well more about that later. So we went to the shops. Bought some birthday presents and headed for the farm for a party. If you can call it that. We had a nice time. Relaxing time. And headed back at around dusk to take a friend of mine home. Sat around there a while and headed to his mom's house. The new guy. If you can call him that.... Mmmmm I'm burning to tell a bit more but he deserves a whole post to himself and I'm just busy rambling at the moment. . . So we headed for his house. . . And . . . (Wouldn't you love to know) . . . =D

Point of my ramble? I'm not quite sure! =D Heehee!

Oh yes!!

I want to get away!


Is that so bad?!



Hillbilly Duhn said...

I think everybody gets on the rollercoaster and likes the ride but finds themselves getting dizzy from it. Only to take a breather and hop back on!

Hey, if you enjoy the ride, keep riding, one day you'll wake up look back and see that you had a good time, or you could look back and see yourself sitting there looking forward waiting and wondering for life to start.

Cheers to you that you're letting life happen! Good luck!

Daffy said...

Wow...did you type that all in one breath? Cause I found myself holding mine as I read. Just a huge long stream of conscious (knuckle bump for the Grey's ref).

Roller coasters make me sick but I love them anyway. Life is kinda like that....

kys said...

I don't do roller coasters. I guess that's why I'm so boring.

Sounds like your life has been full of excitement!

Maryx said...

Hillbilly - Thanx! SO true what you say. I want to be the one looking back one day and realizing that I had a ball of a time...

Daffy - Life really IS kinda like that... And yes it sounds like I wrote it in one breath doesn't it? LMAO! Oh well! That's my ramblings for you... More to come... =D

Kys - A lot of excitement... maybe you should just test drive the roller coaster sometime... ???