Oct 5, 2009

I'm a Bloggy Friend

Hillbilly says I'm her friend. Can you believe it?! Me?! Friends with a Hillbilly?!
*Kidding* ... Thanks Hillbilly Duhn!

And I'm sending this to the following bloggers:

Mr Condescending
Desi van Zyl
Random Pixie
Ella Unread

Thanx for everything and all your support sweeties!!!!


ladytruth said...

Congrats on the award! It fits in nicely with your already super- cute blog look :)

Hillbilly Duhn said...

No, I take it back. I'm totally re-nigging my friendship! Just kidding, just kidding!!

Maybe I'm just kissin some butt, you ever think of that?? Okay, so I'm not doing that either. Perhaps my followers should be well, just well takin care of. Kinda like a mini hillbilly mob. Yeah, and I get to be the Grandfather. Er, GrandHillbilly Grandmother. LOL!

Mega8815 said...

@Ladytruth - Why thank you very much sweetie. So glad you like it. As random as I am I guess... heehee!

Btw... how did you come to find your 'ladytruth' name? Just thought of it now. Curiosity killed the cat... Uurrmmm no it didn't!

@Hillbilly - Oh Nooooooo!!!!!
Oh okay. You take it back. You better. =D I stick like poop to a fluffy blanket. I'm like a cactus. I don't die.

As long as I'm part of that Hillbilly mob I'll be fine... Heehee!

desi said...

Congratulations AND thank you for my award! whoop whoop!! :D

Mega8815 said...

Pleasure Desi! Whoop Whoop!