Oct 13, 2009

Time Passes. Feelings Fade.

And I'm so glad it does...
I'm doing so well. I feel like I've got such a full life. I have awesome friends. Awesome family and people in my life. They love me. They support me. They fight for me. (And with me sometimes). I have truly amazed myself. I can honestly say I never thought I would get to where I am now. Heartache really clouds your world, you know? It makes you feel shitty. It makes you think you're worth nothing. It makes you hopeless and helpless.

And it's Bullshit!!

You're worth more than that. I'm worth more than that. I'm worth more than the person who brought me down to think that I am worth any less than I truly am. I feel empowered. I feel sexy (and that says a lot). I feel like I can do the impossible. I feel content.

That's the most amazing feeling. Being content.
I am content with myself for the first time in years. Yes. Years. And it's amazing. I am at the point in my life where I am hearing myself say, with all honesty, that I am happy. I am happy with myself. I am happy by myself. I am happy with my choices. Well, at least the ones regarding love, that is. That's good right?

I had the amazing realization this weekend that I'm okay. It's an awesome feeling. I have a friend who just got out of a 3 year relationship and another friend who is on her way out of a 5 month relationship, as well as another friend who is being used by an asshole of a guy for one thing only... but she feels more than that. All of them are coming to me for guidance and support. And I like it like that. I love helping people. I love being needed. Is that sad? I guess so. But it's all for the right reasons. So now everyone wants to know how I did it. How do I answer that? Well here are my tips for getting over someone...
  • Keep yourself busy.
  • Go out.
  • Meet new people.
  • If you can't do that... find people you lost contact with. Facebook helps. (Although I think FB is from hell, but I'll tell you that story later. ) Through these people you will probably be able to meet new people in more comfortable settings.
  • Do Not listen to soppy music or love songs. Bad idea.
  • Stay away from the ex. It's better that way. No. Friends don't work. At least not now. Maybe later. Just give it time.
  • Pick up an old or new hobby.
  • Find out who you are without that person. Chances are you'll find out just how awesome you really are. Or other people will realize it and tell you. Just believe them.Well anyway, doesn't work for everybody. Works for me. Take it or leave it.
  • Stay positive. Don't allow yourself to think about it. And when you... follow above steps.
I feel like a new person. And it's strange to hear myself say that ... I don't want a relationship. That's weird. I always want a relationship. I'm a long term relationship girl. As I've said before, I have so much love to give and I need someone to give it to. But now, I'm alright with giving it to friends and family and I like it that way. That's enough for now. I'm on a journey of my own. I'm finding myself and I think I'm at least half way there. If not more.

Anywhoo!! Just thought I'd share that with ya'll... =D


Andhari said...

I'm happy for you! There's nothing better than feeling so sure of yourself and taking care of yourself. you should always have to do it better than anyone :)

Ps. And good call on not jumping to new relationship, at times like this you need to do project you before doing a new project us.:)

Maryx said...

Thanx Andhari. I like that... 'Project Me' before 'Project Us'.

Jenn(ifer) said...

I am sooo proud of you! You're doing awesome taking care of YOU! (finally) :-)

Maryx said...

Yeah. I guess I am huh...? WOW!

shine said...

It's the best feeling ever, that feeling you get when you realize that you (alone) are enough.

Everything else is icing on the cake.

kyslp said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. IMHO keeping busy is the cure for many distresses.

Maryx said...

@Shine - It is sweetie. Icing on the cake huh? What a cool way to look at it.

@Kyslp - It is. And my newly single friends are finding that to be true as well... where did I learn it? Haha!