Oct 14, 2009

No Ordinary Video...

Have you gone over to visit Ben over at No Ordinary Rollercoaster??
Well, dear Ben had the brilliant idea to tell his readers that they can ask him anything over email and he will make a video for each of us who wants to know something from him. To post on our blogs. Easy right? Yeah that's what I thought. But when you actually get to thinking of one question only... =D And yes, you know how random I am. I asked him:

"What is your fave sex position and demonstrate it for us?"

Why make it easy for him, right?! I gotta make him think and make my readers (and of course myself) laugh. I gotta think of the smiles. So, as promised, I got my video today and I'm posting you the link here... please check it out!

No Ordinary Video - Ben @ No Ordinary Rollercoaster

Are you back yet? Did you see him shaking his ass for the camera??

I'm kidding. He doesn't. Apparently he's shy. But I LOVE the video nonetheless Ben! Thank you very much. And no, I'm not a perv. Well, not always anyway. LOL!!!!


Ben said...

hahahaha i win!

Maryx said...

Yeah Yeah Ben! Keep telling yourself that! =D

Jenn(ifer) said...

HaHa!! That was awesome!

Simon said...

I haven’t laughed aloud for a long time – not since the… well, you know. The accident. So thank you for that request, which actually did make me burst out laughing. Shame he copped out, but this is what blokes are like. When it comes to sex, it’s all talk and no action.

By the way, thanks for the mention in your sidebar of Katarina Sokolova. Been Googling her pictures – some great stuff there.

Maryx said...

@Jenn - LMAO!! Jip!

@Simon - I'm glad I could make you laugh sweetie. Or Ben could. HEHE!! Yeah what is it with guys these days? I'm not THAT intimidating am I?! =D

Pleasure! Katarina has amazing artwork!!