Oct 6, 2009

I'm Such an Honest Biatch

Ladytruth thought it good to send me this awesome award... heehee! She thinks I write honest crap ... uuurrrm... Scrap!! Yeah well I can't help it okay?! =D Apparently I have to share with ya'll 10 things about myself that you don't already know... Now you're making me think again. What don't you know? Well a lot of things. Actually. Hah! Then I have to choose 10 honest blogger buggers... But all of you already have this award. Urgh! So what. Do with it what you want. See the worry in my eye. It's honor enough I'm taking time to put you up here... Teehee! Okay so here I go... rambling 10 utterly useless honest scraps about me...

  1. I have big feet. For a girl. When I was Std 5 I was already wearing a size 7. Turned out to end in size 8. Urgh. Not cool if you're looking for pretty high heels. They don't make 'em for my size.
  2. My mom and I lived with my grandparents until I went to high school. My grandfather was like a father to me.
  3. I couldn't ask for a better childhood.
  4. I am a very loyal, caring and trustworthy person. I'm the best friend to everyone.
  5. I have only broken my left arm.. so far.. falling over the dog when I was 8. Not cool.
  6. I've had a major (Okay it was major for me alright?! Don't judge) operation on my bum when I was in matric. So much so that I had to stand throughout my matric exams. Not Funny. Not Funny At All.
  7. My first time skinny dipping was on my friends farm. I was 13 years old. I got drunk on my first few tequilas of my life. My mother caught us with a flashlight. She thought it was hilarious and I will never live it down.
  8. I'm addicted to cookies and fine cheese. You can probably make me do anything if you do it right. Seriously. I'm so sad. I'm so easy. =D
  9. I only learned to ride a bicycle when I was 12 years old. My family doesn't love me. Or they didn't want me to drive off. I was a wild child. (Kidding... my family loves me very much, and they remind me often.)
  10. You probably know this... I have a tattoo. And I want another one.
Okay there you go. I have been thinking of honest sh!t for probably a week now. That's how long it took. I'm always honest okay? And couldn't really think of of random honest scraps to share with ya'll. So take it or leave it. Whatever.

Here are my nominees. Take it biatches :
You already have it? So what. Ignore it. See the worry in my eye. Take care sweeties!


Simon said...

Skinny dipping at thirteen is probably about the best age. Before you’ve become old enough to be too self-conscious about what you look like naked (or in the case of men, how small your penis is).

Maryx said...

So True Simon!
(Although... I'd skinny dip anytime just for the plain fact that I'll be in the water. I'm such a water baby!)

Andhari said...

Cookies and cheese, definitely me too. I love eating cheese pizza then eating cookies LOL.

Anyhoo, skinny dipping and tequilas when you're 13? BAD ASS!

Maryx said...

I'm glad you share my addiction Andhari! =D and yeah... skinny dipping at 13... that's where all the shit began I guess. hehe!

ladytruth said...

You had to write your matric exam whilst standing upright? You poor thing!

Maryx said...

Not fun I assure you Ladytruth. I had a high chair with me if I wanted to (and was able to) sit down. Urgh!