Oct 13, 2010

My dreams are going wild

These past two nights I have had the strangest dreams. I don't dream that much, that I can recall, but when I do, it tends to stick out. It tends to 'haunt' me in a way. I'm not sure if there are meanings behind dreams, I'm sure there is, but it's really hard to read into it. Dreams have so much to do with our subconscious mind, sometimes it's scary. Sometimes you find out that things in your life can bother you more than you realize, and others not so much.

I had a dream about a gigantic house, almost like a castle. But I mean really really really big. There are more rooms in the house than you can count on your fingers and toes together. The area around the house is just as huge, with immaculate gardens flowing beautifully towards a crystal clear beach. A private beach I might add. The house is beautifully decorated, but not in a modern way. The whole place is really old, but stunningly historical way. Not really dusty though, as you might expect.

In this dream, I know that I have inherited the whole house and it's surroundings, although I have no idea from who. I walk into the house and I start exploring.
While I'm exploring, I come across the stairway to the basement. It's bigger than I expected and very clean, as if it's been used a lot. I go down into the basement/dungeon of the house and find tons and tons of things down there. I found all kinds of creative things that made me really excited, like scrap booking equipment and crafts, all stored and perfectly organized. I found computers, computer programs, DVDs and music Cd's. I found furniture, stunning furniture. I found gadgets and toys and stuffed toys of all shapes and sizes.

The whole basement looked like some sort of Expo full of stuff that interests ME. I loved it!

Somewhere in the dream I decided to open the house for sales. Not to sell the house, but to sell the contents of the basement. It seemed like millions of people pitched up for the sale/'expo'. Everyone was enjoying themselves. There were places to eat and drink, places to relax and places to play games etc. There were a lot of kids as well. At the end of the day I had to get all of the people out of there myself. I had to go to everyone and tell them that we're closing the house down and from then on it will remain a private residence. Only friends and family will be allowed in. To live there. To visit there. It's big enough!

I don't kn
ow why I liked the dream so much. It's pretty strange. Probably because there was everything I'd ever want and more...

The other dream that got to me this week included all my friends, and some new friends. There were motorbikes and we were outside most of the time. I found people I used to know and people I am yet to know in all kinds of strange places. I had fun. Somewhere along the line I saw Lassie too, that bothered me a bit. I didn't want to even greet him at first, but I did. He didn't greet me back. Urgh! But all in all, it was fun. I can't remember a lot of details though...

I like dreams!

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