Jan 22, 2012

Thought Question #299

That I just might be turning into a hermit cat lady and I'm perfectly okay with that.  Hahahaha!! Yes, I know it's strange, but since I've created my little arts & crafts room in our spare bedroom, I close myself up in there and forget the world while I'm busy watching movies and series and either creating arts & crafts or doing my pencil sketches.  I do go out and I do see my friends, those that matter at least, but I find myself becoming agitated and annoyed when I don't get enough time to spend on the things that I love, on my own.  I mean, anyone can join me of course!  It would be so much fun, but I just don't have people in my life who are fascinated by the same stuff that I am.  Unfortunately.  Grietjie comes close though.

Anything you've learned about yourself?

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