Jan 9, 2012

December 2011 Camping Holiday

So I went camping with Gerhard between Christmas and New Year.  We ended up staying almost two days longer 'cause we stayed over for the camp sites NY's Bash.  It was fantastic, to say the least.

The day we drove to the areas including Pilgrim's Rest, Graskop and Sabie (Stunning parts of South Africa), we stopped at the Bridal Veil Falls for some walking and goofing around with the camera.  We stopped in Graskop and walked around in some of the pretty shops they have.  We had to go to the market to buy some necessities like rolls, cheese, veggies, charcoal, wood, firelighters, ice and some stuff to drink.  We set up camp in the afternoon and it turned out successful enough.  Most of the stuff we went and bought just before going camping, like the blow-up three-tier double mattress and some other smaller stuff.  Thing is, we didn't have a Gazebo, so when it rained, it was wet.  Really wet.  But we survived just fine.

The following day, Wednesday the 28th, we went on The Big Swing aka. The Gorge Swing.  Tandem.  As well as the Slide.  It's as high as an 18 storey building, into the gorge right by the waterfall.  And you fall backwards until you start to swing!  It was great fun!  What an adrenalin rush!  I screamed like a girl of course, but come on!  They let you fall backwards into nothing but air, into a gorge with rocks and trees and sh!t!!  Anyway, the swing isn't the worst part... the 425 steps you have to climb to get back up to the car is the challenge!
After (and before... heehee) the Big Swing, we went to The Edge Bar on the other side of the gorge for a drink and to get our certificates that we 'Conquered our Fear!'.  After which, we drove our winding way to Pilgrim's Rest.  The story of Pilgrim's Rest is a fascinating one.  Most of the old town is still in its original state of antiquity, and everybody likes it that way.  The old houses and shops are beautiful, the Royal Hotel is so quant and the Royal Hotel Bar, that used to be a church, is just fascinating!  The history behind Pilgrim's Rest can be found HERE... and of course fascinates me endlessly.  The place is full of history and charm.  We went to take old photo's as well, Gerhard dressed up as a convict in black and white stripes, complete with a ball and chain and little convict's hat, I dressed up as a Saloon Girl or something.  Big flowing skirt with lots of ruffles, a garter around the top of my leg, white flowing top with a big belt, a feather boa and feathers in my hair.  You dress up in all the old aged stuff, they tell you how to pose and what to do, and you pick out the photo's that you want.  It looks fantastic!  (And so naughty =D).

On Thursday we went for a loooooonnnnggg drive all over the place.  We went to the Mac Mac Pools and the Mac Mac Waterfall.  We went to Pinnacle Rock and Bourke's Luck Potholes, the Three Rondavels and the Blyde Falls.  The places are beautiful and the things to see are spectacular!  We just couldn't get enough of it all!

On Friday we went for a Gecko Tubes Adventure.  Little orange tubes on the rapids of the Sabie River.  It was a little scary, and made the gorge swing seem like a children's theme park ride, but it was definitely worth it.  We had so much fun!  And after getting into our dry clothes, we headed towards Hoedspruit for the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation tour.  Beyond interesting might I add!  The great work they do and the amazing relationships they build with the wildlife is definitely something to see.

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