Jan 22, 2012

Thought Question #298

I like the work I do.  I like that we get lunch every day, and a variety at that.  I like that we have good coffee at work.  I like the team I work with.  I like the manager I work for.  I like the buildings we work in and I like the people I work with, all over the company.  I like that I work flexible hours and that I get home a lot earlier than I used to.  I like that I get to further my education, learn new things and grow as a person.  I like that the very fact is important to the company.

I dislike that a lot of times I have to depend on other people for my work.  I dislike that I have to wait for other people to be able to carry on with a lot of my work.  I dislike that I cannot teach old dogs new tricks (ie. implement new procedures etc.).

I think I'm quite positive about my job.  Finally.  What about you?

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