Jan 18, 2012

The Fever is Running High

I am relatively certain that the thing called "Wedding Fever" and "Baby Fever" is a very real thing.  Apparently I'm at the age where I'm supposed to be getting engaged, getting married and getting pregnant.  Almost all my friends, especially around my age, fall into one or more of those categories.  I mean... what if it's contagious?!  Yes, I'll admit, I have entertained thoughts of marriage and having children, but realistically I know that I'm not ready for it yet.  But... how are they?! 

This first thing would be to have a long-term stable and happy relationship.  Which I can't say that I have.  I guess it's my own fault.  The second thing would be financial stability and being able to move in with that person and have sex as often as possible.  Which I also don't have.  Gerhard lives 2 hours away from me, to begin with, and we're not moving into a place of our own any time soon.  If ever.  Neither one of us is financially stable enough to do it either.

But I mean come on!!  I'm 23!!
I don't want to get married and invite hundreds of people and arrange a wedding and flowers and cake and decorations and what-have-you.  I don't want to live with someone and think up ways to murder them in their sleep and have my privacy totally violated and not be able to be alone.  I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to a screaming infant that I have to take care of 24/7.  Not yet anyway.  Don't get me wrong... I want it all.  Just not now.  I'm sure I'm supposed to be too young for it all.  And yes, I know that at my age my grandmother and your grandmother was already married with 3 children.  It's the 21st Century people!  Get with the program!

Or am I the one who's totally and completely behind??

More and more young adults are getting married and doing the baby thing before the age of 25.  It's starting to become a trend.  But then again, think about this one...  Apparently the majority of young adults who are not married by the age of 25 is focusing more on their education and their career.  They want to be financially stable before starting a family, of any kind.  I think those are the smart ones, to be honest.  The majority of young adults living with their significant others before the age of 25, or having children before the age of 25, aren't as focused on their careers or education.  I'm not saying this is true for everyone, I'm just saying the majority.  And yes, I did hear it from a valid source.

Well, I'm under 25, I'm on my way to focus on my education and I'd like to think I'm focusing on my career.  But marriage and babies?  I don't think so.  Not yet.

What do you think? 

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