Jan 12, 2012

Thought Question #285

Yes.  I'm very happy.  I'm calm and collected.  I'm emotionally stable and well-managed.  I have a really nice job with a salary that's a lot better than what I used to get.  I have so much more apportunitites than ever before.  I have some great people in my life who mean the world to me.  I have no relationship sh!t (most of the time).  I understand people a bit more than I used to.  I have more patience than I used to.  My religion is... well, it's getting there.  I have a beautiful little Arts & Crafts Room of my very own, with all my things stored and a big table to create things on, where I can disappear into my own little world and just create more happiness.  I smile more.  I enjoy more things.  I appreciate more of the little things in life.

I guess... in a way this all should be really strange.  With all that's happened in this past year.  But I'm just really grateful that I've turned out so well despite it all.  Don't get me wrong... it still hurts.  I still miss them and still regret this and that.  I'm still sad about a lot of things, deep down.  I just don't let it overwhelm me.  I won't.

Are you happy?  I really, truly hope that you are.

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