Jan 9, 2012

Thought Question #279

I would like to forgive my father.  Whoever he is.  Completely.  It's not that he bothers me, at all actually, I think it's just that in the back of my mind I haven't completely forgotten, or forgiven.  I'd like to forgive some friends I once had, Bernice and Herman.  The things they did and said were ridiculously unforgivable.  I say I've forgiven them, and that I don't care, I'm just entirely sure if that's true.  I guess I have this idea that if and when I forgive someone, that I have to invite them back into my life and make what they did okay.  I know it's not true though.  Forgiving someone is up to you and only you, it doesn't make what they did okay, it just makes you a better person, calmer and happier, without the burden of all the stress and tension they've caused, or what they did.  I want to forgive guys that have been in my life, the things they've done to me, the way they've hurt me in the past.  It's hard, and I'm over it, but I'm not sure if I've completely forgiven them.

Who would you like to forgive?


michael said...

Oh, wow. Such a hard thing to do, but I'm sure you have the strength to do it.

When it comes to my own people-to-be-forgiven, I don't think I have any. I forget, I don't regret. I don't forgive, I understand.

And there's nothing to be forgiven once you understand the whole of someone.

Maryx said...

I have soooo much trouble understanding when people do stuff that I wouldn't do ... ever.