Aug 17, 2009

My (First) Singles Weekend

So Friday night I decided, with two of my single pals, to go out looking for fun... Rep (A very long ago ex-boyfriend of mine), Philicia (BFF2) and I went to friend's of his who live nearby. Got a couple of drinks and had fun getting to know new ppl. Total careless abandon. What a strange feeling... Still getting used to it.

We had lots of fun chatting away and drinking with the 'new friends', they're awesome, and finally ended up at Frankie Bananas. A cocktail bar / Club / Quite-a-tiny-place-where-everyone-meets-everyone-and-they-become-friends-for-the-night. Nice. I met up with high school 'friends' (You know those ppl who think they know you but you just never socialized with them back then and quite frankly you never think you will in future? Those. ~Even tho
ugh I have 2 of those who turned out to be awesome friends after school. I digress~), and met some more ppl. Danced the night into oblivion with BFF2, picking up guys on the dance floor to dance with us (remember the whole place is a bloody dance floor) and ended up getting a number or two... I'm clever though, I get THEIR numbers, they don't get mine.

The night ended around 1am at BFF2's place where the 3 of us had to fit on her double bed 'cause there's nowhere else to sleep.

No. Nothing happened.

Okay maybe something happened.

Carrying on...

Saturday we just colored my hair (as I had the nicest highlights in my hair... and it started growing out... badly... I HAD to color my hair. For my own sanity. And other ppl's eyes). =) Later the afternoon we went to a friend's birthday Braai where we ended up staying until very late. We played Kings, a card (drinking) game and ended up laughing ourselves absolutely stupid and having tons of fun. The food was lovely, the company was brilliant and the jokes were great.

I have to add, it felt so strange being on my own. Doing my own thing. Thinking about myself first and foremost. I'm SO used to putting someone else before me, taking care of someone else and missing out on so much because of that certain someone. That's just me. I give 100% in a relationship. I don't believe it's a bad thing, though I have to start noticing how much my partner puts into the relationship. Clearly not as much as I do.

I missed him. I really did. But when I stood back and fully saw what I was doing and how I was enjoying myself, on my own, I was pleasantly surprised. The BFF and Rep even told me that they could see the old me coming out. And that it was amazing to see. I do hope so. Because it did FEEL good.

Anyway I'm rambling again. I just thought I'd share the Reader's Digest Version of my weekend with you. Not much detail I know but I'm still getting there. LOL!

What did you do Dear Reader??


desi said...

hey! what a fab weekend!
I also coloured my hair and is also now newly I also have to get into the thing of going to sleep and waking up alone and it does feel weird not put someone else before myself etc.etc....all that stuff!

:) have a great week!!

Mega8815 said...

WOW!! Good or bad thing? It does feel weird huh? That's just us women for ya! Good luck to you girl!

Hoop jy't 'n kickass single tyd wat voorlĂȘ...

The Demigoddess said...

Start thinking and doing things for yourself more. I think you probably need to go out with friends more often to make the post-break up pain go away faster. I hope you feel better soon...and hopefully start dating again. I always say it's best to move on (to the next guy) and never look back on the past.

Take care and all the best for you.