May 11, 2012

Thought Question #383

Not easily.  The homeless people we have here are not like in America, please remember that.  Here they are very (truthfully) generalized as thieves, rapists, druggies, drunks and murderers.  I have rather a big problem with beggars myself.  It baffles me how they cannot just go and try and get a job.  Anything.  Absolutely anything.  I mean if you have nothing and you're down and out, no job should be worthless to you.  No job should be embarrassing to you.  Waiter.  Clean toilets.  Watch cars.  Work in someone's garden or house.  Farm work.  Cashier.  Anything is worth it.  I've offered so many homeless people the opportunity to get a job and pull themselves together, yet they refuse because they think they make more money begging next to the road and doing whatever they want.  That's not desperate and down&out according to me.  That's actually enjoying the life you have.

What do you think??

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