May 17, 2012

Compliments and Smiles

Being kind to strangers are always rewarding... and finally I can share with you a post from The Frisky that gives you 7 Reasons you should compliment Strangers.

We don't always realize what it means to people when we compliment them randomly, but just think about it being you, for a second.  As The Frisky mentions, it's all great and well when our loved ones compliment us, but when a stranger does it it's different.  It's like a whole different meaning!  And it lingers with us for a little while longer...
I love giving strangers and colluegues a compliment now and again, and I always make sure I smile and greet people in a friendly and endearing way.  People need to feel special and open to relationships.  You never know who needs a smile and who's day you're making so much brighter.

Think about it.  And go and read...

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