May 10, 2012

Being Naked

The Frisky's - 8 Reasons you should be naked more often.

This article got me thinking about how people are afraid of their naked bodies.  So many think that the nake body is shameful, others think it's just plain ugly or disgusting.  But really?  It's gorgeous, and I think that we should appreciate our bodies more, just like the article says.  Please do yourself the favor of reading The Frisky article.  And I think I'll try it too... what do you think?  Appreciating our bodies are really important.  Appreciating yourself is important.  Just go, stand in front of the mirror, naked, and look at yourself.  Look at your curves, your bumps, your flaws, your beautiful pieces and your "ugly" pieces.  They're not ugly.  Remember that.  Your body IS you.  The expression of who you are.  Clothes, as the article mentions, is a disguise.  Think about it.  It's what we use to hide ourselves.  It's what we hide behind.  Like a mask.  And of course, there's the intimacy aspect.  Apparently accepting yourself naked, makes it easier to be naked in front of someone else.  Give it a go and see where it takes you...

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