Jul 10, 2009

The Wings of a Dream

I found this STUNNING piece of writing on Hillbilly Duhn's Blog quite a while back, she's such a talented writer I couldn't resist bragging for her part!

The Wings of a Dream...

There is a place, where the sand beneath your feet is like warm pudding. The sun, a blanket in which is tightly wrapped around you. The wind, a breath of fresh air. The sounds of waves crashing against the surf. This is where you'll find me, inside of my brain today. Sitting crossed legged on the sand. Though the wind may teasingly play with my hair, and the sounds of the waves a sweet distraction, my heart is with my one true love.

This is the place we meet.

A place in which we share our secret.

A place where only we can be.

When the illusion of life seems to over flow, and we can't bear the ache any longer, we don't touch, nor do we speak, we don't sigh or breath or reach. We sit quietly on the sand, side by side, and we feel the sun reaching it's tender fingers down to caress our skin. We feel the wind spreading it's wings of desire over our hearts and we hear only the heart beat of the other beside us. And when we find the moments gone, we float away into the dawn, we wait and we whisper until the next time, we sit and wonder and want and ponder...

What are you doing today?

Will you think of me?

When the illusion of the dream is over, we set back on our path of reality, to wait and to wonder,

want and ponder until we meet again...

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