Jul 9, 2009

Ok so I gave in

. You're seeing right. July 2009.
And I see Twilight for the first time.

SO sad! SO Useless! SO Hard-Ass!
I told myself Twilight sounds over
-rated. Twilight sounds cliche. Twilight CANNOT be that good. It's just another Trilogy. Nothing special. I'm not gonna fall into the trap every one's fallen into. I'm not gonna conform...

I have no words. I'm stunned. It's SUCH a good movie. Words don't do it justice. I'm sure I don't have to explain in words what I think of the movie
... coz most of you out there have seen it already... long ago. So you should know what I mean. You should remember how you felt as a Twilight Virgin... and afterwards... Awestruck? Astounded? Pleasantly surprised? Amazed? Wowed? Stunned? You see?!

Can't decide on any words to
Yeah go ahead and laugh. Mary Poppins was a childhood favourite of mine.

Now all I wanna do is read the books. Gotta make a plan
... Soon. The books should be better than the movie, right? What I don't get are the people who DON'T like Twilight. And keep criticizing it. The movie AND the sparkly vampires of course. WTF?! OK I get opinions differ and all. But hell. Twilight overpowers even Buffy and Angel okay?! And... Don't think I didn't notice... Edward is BEYOND HOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! {Don't worry I'm not the drooling-stalker-put-posters-everywhere-and-dream-of-him type. It was just a statement}.

So there. I've watched it. I'm hooked. I'm so easily influenced. In certain areas of my life. Oh well... So What!

UPDATE 2010: I'm officially Team Jacob


Simon said...

You’ve lost all the respect I ever had for you.

All right. I haven’t seen the film. I read the first book, wanting to be fair and dispassionate, after the highly polarised views I’d heard about it. To be honest it wasn’t that bad. It was well written, just rather too… clean-cut. Too bloody American. A book about nice, good-looking, all-American vampires, whose author (to her credit) manages to avoid alienating the Christian Right by not bringing in anything that might offend them, as Harry Potter or His Dark Materials did. What’s wrong with it is that it’s bland. It’s supposed to be a vampire book, for god’s sake. In the event it’s more like a teen romance – not that there’s anything wrong with teen romances, but the two sit rather uneasily together. If you like an edge of horror, such as in the original Dracula, then forget it: you’re getting a sanitised version.

As I say, I haven’t seen the film, so I can’t comment on that, but I recommend you read the book, if you haven’t already. If you enjoy it, fair enough. Your soul may be lost if you think it’s the best literature you’ve ever seen though.

Mega8815 said...

I'm ashamed. I NEED to read the book. Sounds like it's MUCH better than the movie...

Well, I enjoyed the movie. Although it's not necessarily the best movie. Not even close. It's amusing. I give it that. It's mysterious. It's interesting. It's different. I think that's what got me... it's different.

Thanks for stopping by!

Simon said...

Haha. You probably would like it, actually. I think the problem is that it’s suffered from a severe case of literary snobbery. When a writer makes about ten billion dollars from her first work, and it’s quite good but nothing outstanding, people who read a lot tend to get a bit scathing about it. It offends them that the books they admire are doomed to remain obscure, while something superficially appealing but without much depth gets to be a bestseller.

But that is, I’m afraid, the way things will always tend to be, and it certainly shouldn’t be a reason to stop you reading it.