Jul 15, 2009

My Fears, My Dreams, My Hopes

My fears, my dreams, my hopes

They are what make me.

But they are not always

As they seem.

I am let down time after time

As my fears become reality,

My dreams are shattered

And my hopes were never there.

My fear of betrayal,

Of being alone -

Is beneath the surface

Waiting to come forth.

My dreams of a perfect life

Of having it all

Become non-existent when I took my

First step - and proceed to fall.

My hopes for the future

For having whoever I desire

Were not there

Because I receive no desire in return.

Why does life

Seem to have a way

Of letting you down

On each and every day?

I want some answers

To help me out.

So my dreams, my fears and my hopes

May come about...

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