Jul 2, 2009

RIP Lappies - Ford Escort 1600 1984 Model

I just thought I'd share with you the story of my accident of 6 April 2008. Over a year ago. My boyfriend of that time and I was hit by a drunk driver at 3am in the morning. I was sober as daylight, as I let my bf drink that night and be the designated driver myself. Blood tests also confirmed I was clean sober.

This Ford Escort was my very first car and my mom bou
ght it for me for R10 000. In our family, you get R10 000 for your first car and the rest you pay off to your parents. Lucky for me that was the total price of my car. To you it may look like an old toppie car... but to me he was made of Gold. I LOVED that car. He fit me. We knew each others moods and hassles and everything went smoothly all the day's of our lives together... He was always clean and shiny, I was always proud of him, and always took care of him. I couldn't have asked for a better road companion...

So the night of 5 April 2008 my bf and I went to a friend's birthday at a glitzy club in Johannesburg called Tanzanites. We would've gone to Billy the Bum's but they wouldn't let the guys in. Too young apparantly. Although they're older than the girls. But you know how it goes. So we went to Tanzanites. Had a lot of fun. Danced till our feet hurt. In a cage half the night. I think I had one glass of light wine to drink the whole night. The rest of the night it was either bottled water or Cream Soda for me! So after all the excitement of the night, at around 2am Sunday morning 6 April 2008, we were hungry as wolves and like true Johannesburgers... we stopped at a garage to get a pie and a cooldrink for each of us. Eating that, we all felt better, especially those that'd been drinking the night... HaHa!!

So we drove the N1 highway home, with me in front, the soberest, and an old girl friend of mine behind me. As she is night blind we had to go quite slow in the left (slow) lane to get home. Which suited everyone quite well of course. So you know how you get on-ramps onto the highway...? You know how, when you're actually ON the highway you have right of way and when you want to GET on the highway you have to look what car's are coming before you just FCUK onto the highway?!
Yeah well of course this DRUNK guy didn't quite get that logic!!!!!
He came speeding onto the highway so fast I could hardly blink, it looked like he couldn't decide if he wanted to go in front of me or behind me and I couldn't do anything at that point, it all happened way too fast.... so he just slammed into my left side! We spun over the highway, hit each other again, spun some more, and hit the barrier in the middle of the highway.

My bf hit the windscreen (as you can see from the photo's), cutting open his eyelid and his cheek. It was blood everywhere. I had minor injuries. I moved forward in the car, almost curled around the steering wheel, my back and neck was in a lot of pain, as well as my knees, but Thank The Lord nothing was broken and nothing serious happened. Well, to me. The bf was in ICU for a couple of days as he lost all memory of that night and his short term memory was all mixed up. Still is. But he's fine. Just a scar or two.

My car... of course... is a whole different story. As you can see.

The horrors of accidents caused by drunk ppl is unbelievable. Undescribable. And heart wrenching. Yet there are still assholes out there who think it's fine. Assholes who get away with it!! WTF?!

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Drinking and anything else never really mix well. I'm glad nothing too tragic happened.
Other than you losing your first love (car)