Jul 9, 2009

I wish

I wish Glitch would talk to me when something is wrong. And I know something is wrong. He told me that much. His mom and dad are fighting. Again. They've been on the verge of divorce a couple of months now. Strange to think that when I met them and got to know them... they looked like the perfect couple. Happy and comfortable with each other, yet still so in love. Things change I guess. His parents have been together for 25 years now. That's a bit of a long time. How do you just throw away all those years you shared with someone? How do you just forget? How do you just let go? I doubt I'll be able to. But I guess if you have to you have to. No point in being unhappy for the rest of their lives. It just feels like they didn't try hard enough. They didn't do everything they could to save 'them'. But how would I know right? I don't know what happens behind closed doors. And I haven't been there that often this past month.

It's just really getting to Glitch now. He's heart is broken and he's so confused. He doesn't what to do or what to say anymore. Where to touch and where to let go. As hard-to-believe as it is... I actually understand what he's going through. Not that I've had parents standing on divorce, but I know the feelings that coarse through you. Feelings of guilt, regret, confusion, love, heartache. He won't be able to leave his mother alone in a house after this. Yeah, he still lives with his parents. But not because he wants to believe you me. But how will he move out when he's only living with his mother and he is all she has (His brother lives about an hours drive away).

That's a bit confusing. For me. I would LOVE for us to get our own place. Build a home together. Do our own thing. So you know what he's plans are regarding that... ?! To live in the same house with his mother, just close our part off, making it sort of a flat connected to the house, and live there, together. FCUK?!

Ain't that a bit wrong? ...Well it sure is in my books. Unless it's temporary.
I really hope things work out for them. If not, that it ends quickly. Coz it's working on all of us now and they don't realize that. (Am I heartless?)

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