Jul 10, 2009

Her Fabulous Life Blog

Indi @ My Life etc…

Posted this lovely poem a while back, just thought I'd share it here. She writes amazing stuff, do yourself a favor and go check out her blog!

Even when you said you loved me,

Even when you told me I was missed,

Even when you told me you hurt and cried,

Even when you said you almost died.. I didn't...or couldn't feel a thing... you know,

always pretended to care.. but I always thought like you lied...

Its not a game, No one takes the blame,

Maybe its me, Hollow inside and empty,

Maybe loved too much, And got hurt plenty..

So how do you woo me? I dunno... Just do whatever you can,

Maybe I will fall for you someday, Maybe I will find my real man...

Love is not a pill...You cannot force me,

Just like I couldn’t have him, Yeah..Its a ride uphill,

I am all you get, Its all here, what you see...

But keep chasing me, I like being that butterfly, The one you run after

...but away she flies.. But I will kiss you for all this someday, I promise.

Before you go your way,

Before it all dies....

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