Jul 9, 2009


Ok so Hillbilly Duhn gave me this idea to share with you imaginary readers. (You've gotta go check out her post on nicknames, her hubs found an old school friend who's nickanem used to be 'Lumpy'!! WTF?! Go read it to find out why... it's hilariously embarrassing... well, for Lumpy that is. Nicknames... What is it about Nicknames that fascinate people? How do nicknames come about? And why do some stick to you like shit to a wool blanket? =)

So I'll share some I've had in the past (Mostly in Afrikaans so spare yourself and don't try and pronounce it if you ain't speaking the language):

  • Maryx - Funky version of my name
  • Rykie - Cute version of my name
  • Ryke - Shortened version of my name
  • Squeek - Yeah well. My old bed used to squeek... Long story.
  • Ogies - In reference to my eyes. Apparantly I have hypnotizing, adorable and stunning brown eyes.
  • Ma'Baker - In reference to the song by Boney M. Look it up if you want to. It has to do with a bitch of a woman who dominates men. Need I say more? Long story okay...

Well there are a few others but that's between Glitch and I and it's mostly Afrikaans. And funny. And not the same when translated at all. And not relevant. Strange how nicknames come and go and some just tend to stick by you. I've know people with some funny nicknames throughout my life... but of course if you get to know someone by their nickname... it tends to stick. Take Crusty for example - he's a friend of the bf and he got his name coz his hair looked like Crusty the clown on ONE bad hair (and hair dye) day. His real name is Henrico, yet not a lot of people call him that. Then there's Kosblik ('Lunchbox' in English)... how odd is that? He was rather 'big boned' if I can call it that. Mmmmm... who else was there... Glitch of course (the bf) - He was always the one who fixed the glitches... on PC's... in peoples lives... In mine... =) I'll think of some others in time.

So there... Please share some nicknames with me...??


Simon said...

So, to reverse-engineer, you’re Marijke, I guess?

My real name is Simon Butler, which meant that at school I was called Butty (slang for a sandwich – don’t know if you use it in South Africa); Bill (William Butler Yeats, after we’d done some of his stuff in English); Si (obviously from my first name). All but ‘Si’ were only used at school. Most people manage ‘Simon’.

Oh yes, and there’s ‘dickhead’. I don’t know where that came from.

Mega8815 said...

Love your name. By the way. Curious nicknames you got. Well to me that is. As is mine to you I guess.

The real name is Maryke.

Simon said...

Ah, a bit off there. Still, five correct letters!