Jul 22, 2009

Obstacles, Alcohol and Making Up

So my birthday weekend is just about long gone and I haven't been in the bloggie world in a while. Yeah so what. I've been recovering. I've been sleeping. I've been catching up on work. Ugh!

Wednesday 15 July - I'm 21!!!
How does it feel? ...It feels like I've been climbing a mountain for the whole duration of my life and finally, on that day, I was right at the top, looking down, going - "OH FCUK!! How the hell am I gonna down from here?!"
My mom, my gran, my niece and I went for a lovely breakfast at a cute little restaurant and cocktail bar with orange juice and champagne included. My mom and I got a bit bubbly and giggly of course, so much so that gran thought we were drunk... which we weren't! The rest of the day we went browsing in the shops and to get our vouchers from our cellphone upgrades (I got about R1500 worth of vouchers). That night we went to Spur for delicious ribs and buffalo wings and of course everyone had to sing for me as I have a crazy ass family! I think I turned beet red! Oh well it was a good day in general.

Thursday 16 July - Shopping & Packing
Thursday a friend and I went shopping for the ingredients for my potjie that I made the weekend. We went shopping for the alcohol. We went shopping for more plates and cutlery than was necessary. I went for a haircut at a Gary Rom Salon with a voucher I got for my birthday and bought myself some awesome hair products. At about 3pm we went to my house to pack the car, which was such a mission!! Finally, with a car packed heavy we got on the road to the farm, which isn't really that far, it just felt a lot further that day 'coz we couldn't drive very fast with a loaded car. Especially on the 10km dirt road. Think we went about 15km/h there... yeah! At least we saw some awesome SA Wildlife! The rest of the day on the farm was relaxing, Eunice (owner of the farm and part sister to me! Kidding... we've just known each other way too long) walked us around the obstacle course she made and we spoke about the things we still gotta do. Went to bed rather early that night. Mmmmmmm...

Friday 17 July - Preparation etc.
Friday we had a rather a relaxing day. We prepared the Boma for the party. We prepared the wood. I went out, on my own might I add, to paint the symbols on the trees for the symbol search, as well as on the rocks in the graveyard (which was disgusting btw, do you have any idea what you find in a 200 year old graveyard?! There are about 4 graves with headstones, the rest are bodies in the ground covered with rocks to represent a grave. Gross right?). It turned out to be quite the exercise for me as I had to squate down all the time to paint. Turns out I could use the exercise... Who'da thought?! LOL!
Later that night the bf, best friend 1, best friend 1's fiance and best friend 2 pitched up in the little red gholf and started drinking already. Shame. Well I got in bed about 12-ish that night so I was quite alright the next day. I woke up about 4am with the bf getting in bed drunk as a skunk. Clothes and all. Oh well, his issues tomorrow. He wants to be brave. Live with it.

Saturday 18 July - Party Starts
Saturday was a long day, preparing the food, getting the boma perfect, the fires going, the guests arriving bit by bit, and to top it all off the highway closed down on the way to the farm so that was another issue... that was quickly sorted out though. Phew! We went out on the obstacle course around 3pm. My BFF1 was there with the camera of course (She's pregnant about 6 months so I wouldn't let her do the course with us). We climbed through ropes set up like a Spiderweb, we crawled underneath barb wire between two trees, one high and one low one, we climbed through a tyre hanging from two trees, went over a balancing beam with cow sh!t on the sides. Everyone had to search for their matching symbols in a grove of trees, not easy to find though, and below their symbols they found a puzzle in an envelope they had to build to find a clue. Once they had their clues everyone went to the graveyard to search for their matching symbols on the rocks. Once they got their clues and bonuses in the graveyard everyone went to the waterhole on the farm where I set up a table with punch and jello shots. All the guests got their individually printed 'glasses' with their names on it, as well as a quote relating to each one individually (if I know them well enough) and Thanx for joining my 21st!! The 'glasses' were made out of 340ml soda cans with the top cut open. The rest of the night was a blur as there were so many people seeking my attention.

Later that night... we ended up trying to play Kings (drinking game). At one stage I heard the bf calling BFF2 'Honey', so I piped up and asked him why she's suddenly 'Honey'. He said something about putting up with my sh!t, a friend told him he had to for atleast my birthday, he said no he has to put up with my sh!t every day. So I lost it and said to him - 'If you can't handle my sh!t why don't you leave me for the 3rd time?!' Of course that got everything going downhill from there, he got in his car to leave. Drunk. From a locked up farm. HaHa! So just sat there waiting for him to come back as I knew he couldn't leave even if he wanted to. I finally went out the Boma to see where he is coz I heard him coming back, just to find a suicidal feel-sorry-for-herself-all-the-time friend of mine in the car with him!! We had a quick talk and decided things are over between us, once again. He got his stuff, got a key, and left. I chased the 'friend' away as well. I'd just had enough by then. The rest of the night was uneventful, we went to bed not too long after that of course.

Sunday 19 July - Cool Down... and Start Again!
Waking up on Sunday morning with a cuppa coffee (Nescafe Gold might I add!! ~I just LOVE Nescafe Gold, I never buy it for myself though coz it's about R70 a small bottle, so I got a bottle for my birthday!! Yippee!!~) on the porch, we found the bf's car outside on the farm. With him and the 'friend' sharing Zzzzzzz's in the car. How fcuking nice is that?! I held myself in though. They came crawling back to the Boma, sat and enjoyed themselves for the rest of the day. We all did. The 'friend' must stay the hell away from me. She's nothing to me after what she's done... So BFF1's fiance and the bf... ex-bf... decided to get me drunk all over again coz they didn't see me drunk on Saturday. Not my fault I can handle my alcohol! So I ended up drinking from a glass resembling (to a T) a Boobie!! I had to drink from the nipple! How odd is that...? I'll post some photo's as soon as I can... We had clean shooters, mixed shooters, hot shooters, cold shooters, and even started tossing some eggs around for the fun of it (Eiergooi). HaHa!! The (ex)BF and I started talking like normal human beings again, we had quite a bit of fun together. Until he kissed me. I couldn't really handle that. Don't throw me away and then act like nothing's wrong between us. After a while he came crawling back on his hands and knees asking me to forgive him and making promises once again... And guess what? I fell for it. Again. But this is the last. I can't go through this again. We went for a long walk & talk and decided on a few ground rules and changes. So here's hoping!!!


Jenn(ifer) said...

Happy Birthday! I'm a lil late.
Sounds like you had an interesting and fun weekend.

I wish you luck with the bf. Be strong, you deserve so much! and everything above and beyond. Don't settle on something because you think you have to.

Good luck hunny!

Mega8815 said...

Thanx Jenn!!!
I appreciate it SO MUCH hun!
Yeah I missed my own bday on the blog world... oh well... still working on getting into my own blog world. =)

Simon said...

Okay, I’m three weeks late, but happy birthday. I hope you have many more good ones.

Mega8815 said...

Thanx Simon. I just learnt my lesson regarding parties. That was the first and the last big party of my birthday life. I've had it.