Dec 22, 2011

Thought Question #269

I don't believe in living in regrets.  I know I have some regrets... here and there.  But I refuse to let it get to me.  I don't know what my biggest one is though.  I even have regrets that really couldn't have helped the situation in question, at all, and it probably wouldn't have been possible at that point in time anyway, but the regret is still there.  I just can't allow it to get to me.
It's like... I regret not spending more time with my grandfather.  I regret not taking him to the ocean, to Umdloti, one last time.  I regret not visiting Eunice more than I did.  I regret not answering her last texts in time, no matter how unimportant.  I regret some relationships and the things I did during those times.  I regret some friendships and the things and siuations they created in me and in my life.  I regret not studying directly after school.  I regret not knowing what exactly to do with my life, and how.

I don't let regrets get to me.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  We just have to let it go, because there really is nothing we can do about the past, we can just try and work on the future.

What are your biggest regrets?

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