Dec 14, 2011

3 Months and Counting at TWP

So I'm permanent staff now.  After my 3 month 'probation period'.  And the company really knows how to look after their people.  Once they have you, they want to keep you, but in a good way, not in a we're-gonna-lock-you-up-and-force-you-to-work way.  Far from it actually.  Our offices are situated in Melrose Arch in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Google it, nice place.  We get lunch at the canteen.  The company pays and it's not 'worked into your salary'.  We usually have a choice between a health pack filled with a muffin, a yoghurt, a health bar or energy bar and a juice.  Two packets of crisps (or one bag of popcorn), a chocolate and a cold drink.  A baguette, a yoghurt or a fruit and a juice.  A tramazzini, a packet of crisps and bottled water.  A sandwhich (of all sorts), a yoghurt or a fruit and bottled water.  A biltong, crisps and coldrinks packet.  Or even a hot meal of the day, like lasagna or briyani or cottage pie.  It varies every day.

This last month, I've been to four (yes, that's 4) year-end functions or getaways.  The company year-end function was held in the basement of Melrose Arch and it was called the Concert in the Car Park.  Strange venue, I know, but it turned out great.  Mean Mr Mustard and Mark Pilgrim (local DJ) was the entertainment for the night, the food was divine, with a big variety, and the drinks were on the house.  I also went to the Kiddies Year-End Christmas party, where I took my 9-year-old niece with.  I went to the Secretaries and PSO's year-end lunch and I went to our Project Year end function, where we went on a booze cruise on the Vaal River and have a potjie afterwards.

Spoilt, right?

Pretty much yeah.  I love my work and I love the people I work with.  Everyone, okay mostly everyone, is super nice and so ready to help with anything.  My manager is the nicest guy to work for, and even my Head of Department loves me.  Although she already thinks I need more of a challenge.  We'll see where that takes me...

I've been here almost 4 months, and the bonus and increase performance appraisals have also seen me through.  I got a quite alright bonus for the little time I've been here, they generally give a whole 13th paycheck.  Which is gonna be sooooo awesome by next year this time.  I even got an increase, it's not grand or anything, but it's more than I got in my whole 3 years and 10 months at my previous job.  Goes to show huh!  I'm so glad I left there.  And the longer I'm over here, the happier I am that I left there.  It's amazing what can happen to the staff when a company looks after them. 

Our systems are fast, and absolutely efficient.  We log calls for IT, Printer support, catering requests, projector requests, building maintenance.  It goes through three phases - First the Confirmation (you get sent an email saying that your request has been received), Second an Update (Another email saying that your request has been given to a specific person to assist with), then Third it's the Request Closed (the last email giving the resolution the problem and how it was handled).  Isn't that fantastic?!  I love it!

The company consists of over 1000 people, so yeah I guess it's necessary.

There are procedures for almost everything here.  The portal, working through SharePoint 2010 and the Internet, is fast and efficient too.

Anyway, I'm babbling again.  Just wanted to update a little regarding the new job that's been keeping sooooo busy.

Hope you are well Dear Readers, if you're even still there...

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Vinita Santhosh said...

I can feel your happiness from the words you have written... Really happy for you... :)